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2004-06-03, 17:34
Also, ook in the slimserver script and see where perl is. If you do a which perl at the command prompt, it
will tell you where perl is (probably /usr/bin/perl) and make your first line of the slimserver script match the output of which perl.


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I use red hat, but i believe mandrake is based on rh anyways so maybe it's close enough. You can try this... won't hurt anything if it dosn't work. This would set up a user like the one the rpm created for me....

groupadd slimserver
useradd -g slimserver -c "SlimServer" -d /usr/local/slimserver -s /bin/bash slimserver

Hope that helps

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ok so i was having problems with slimserver on windows xp so i figured this was as good a time as any to pull my old dell pIII out of retirement (plus this list seemed much more linux oriented!) anyway, i'm a super-noob - but i managed to get mandrake 10 up and running (stop laughing you gentoo freaks) and i've confirmed that perl 5.8 is installed etc.. i downloaded the rpm and installed it and everything seemed to go ok. i then spent several hours trying to figure out why typing:

/etc/rc.d/init.d/slimserver start gave me:

bash: slimserver: command not found.

so more digging around and then i found someone who suggested typing: perl slimserver start -which actually did something (so what was that other thing and why wasn't it working?) anyway typing that gave me:

Starting SlimServer: su: user slimserver does not exist [FAILED]

So being a rocket scientist i'm assuming that in some part of the install there was supposed to be a user named slimserver that was created but wasn't. i figure that i could just go add a user using userdrake or whatever but maybe i'd do it wrong - since it's not *really* a user...so i'm confused on a couple of levels. if this is what i should do can someone give me the specifics of adding this user?

again i'm new at this but i'm a pretty quick study so if anyone has any better instructions than i found reading installation.txt i'd sure appreciate it!