View Full Version : MusicInfoSCR problem with Alien.

2009-06-14, 08:27
This is a long standing problem which I misdiagnosed as an SC problem. See http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=12104


Play the listen again selection Composer of the Week. On the SB3, set the size to large. The Title goes blank. The right hand entry (I use elapsed time) remains.

Setting the screensaver to now playing does NOT change this.

Turning off the plugin and restarting SC does "fix" this, the display now shows the name of the track.

2009-06-14, 23:43
Can anybody reproduce this issue?



2009-06-15, 08:43
Alien BBC
Listen Again A to Z
C Programs
Composer of the Week (any entry)
cycle size to large

But I can't reproduce it reliably now.

It may be related to my having made the Composer of the Week a favorite. Its value is

http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio/aod/availability/radio3.xml?Composer of the Week

and it leads to the current list of available programs.

As of this morning, I see no failure navigating via alien. If I navigate via the favorite above, today works, but the remaining entries from last week (chopin) fail, at least Tues and Wed do - I didn't try them all.


2009-06-15, 09:41
Alien take program info from the web pages as well as info supplied by the RTSP headers when requested to play. The combined info is handled to avoid clashes.

When using the XML url, SC will use the XML URL to provide program info and then AlienBBC "RTSP" handling will add info from the headers oince playing has started but I'm not sure who will win between the SC XML processing supplied program data and ALien RTSP headers.