View Full Version : Some RadioIO Stations Won't Play

The Witchdoctor
2009-06-13, 21:10
I haven't played many of my Radioio stations for a while. Many of them are listed in my favorites. As I tried to play them tonight, only some of them would play. Many others would not. I went to my SqueezeNetwork account and reset my username and password for Radioio. Then I opened the list of all Radioio stations in SqueezeCenter. Lo and behold, many of them would not play. is there some way to get an updated list of Radioio stations with their updated URL's?

I have the latest version of SqueezeCenter software and firmware. I also logged into my Radioio account and made sure that my information is correct.

Does somebody have an idea as to what I should do to get ALL of the Radioio stations to play through my Squeezebox? Thanks in advance.

The Witchdoctor

2009-06-14, 04:42
Could you post a few RadioIO station names that are not working? Then others can try them to help confirm/diagnose the problem.