View Full Version : What have I done now???

2009-06-12, 13:37
XP SP3,one Duet and one SB3, running off Acer laptop.

Last night I uninstalled Opera, which I used to run Squeezecenter. Squeezecenter may have been running in the backgorund when I did this,because now when I try to open Squeezecenter, I get an error message " http://127.0.01:9000 application not found". I did an uninstall for squeeze ceneter, rebooted etc. a couple of times, but the reinstall doesn't finish and ends with the same error message.

Help or suggestions much appreciated.

2009-06-12, 13:48
Duh... when I re read my post I realized the error is a link. I clicked it, and Voila! I'm not so dumb after all. No snickering please.

2009-06-12, 15:25
Squeezecenter doesn't "run" in opera, or any other browser. It always runs in the background. The browser is just one way to access the user interface. Nothing you can do with opera, firefox, or whatever will change squeezecenter.