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Matthew Papakipos
2004-06-02, 21:48
thanks for the quick reply.
my server is redhat linux 8.0.
where can i find info on getting uncompressed wma and
uncompressed apple formats working?
are there some standard config tricks?

i will try the mp3 thing tomorrow.
but i dont really want to play compressed stuff in the long run.
but it's a fine debugging technique.


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At 12:17 AM 6/3/2004, Matthew Papakipos wrote:

i installed my squeezebox.
but no sound at all.
ive tried shares with ipod apple uncompressed files
and another with wma uncompressed files.
neither work.

Try getting it to work with MP3 files first.
They don't take any special processing.
Once MP3s work, you can try the configuration
tricks to get apple and wma working.

A few details on the server, OS, etc. would help
us help you.