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Jim & Toni
2004-06-02, 21:21
Well, I just installed the 6/2 nightly and 'back' for whatever reason
seems to work better. Much more like expected.

I also think, my machine may be a little underpowered (p2-450/ redhat/
512 MB/ ~5000 tracks). I believe while it's scanning it's using about
70% CPU as evidenced by 'top'. During this time a 'back' never really
completes, the internet explorer flag icon keeps waving indefinitely.
When it finished scanning and cpu went to 10%, things were much better.

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On Wed, 2004-06-02 at 22:57, Jim & Toni wrote:
> I second this but for the library. Seems whenever I add a song to the
> playlist, then 'back' out of the library, I end up back on the first
> page of the library, back at 'a'.

I second your second. The one feature of the Olson skin that I really
like is that when you select an artist from 'Browse Artisis', the result
comes up in its own frame so I don't lose my spot in the artist list.
However, the feature pile for Fishbone is so much taller... :)
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