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Dolf Dijkstra
2004-06-02, 05:35

I gave musepack a tried with a recent nightly (either May 30th or 31th,
can remember exactly which version I donwloaded, how can I find the
build number?) on winxp.

Mpc files play fine, but the tag parsing does not seem to work. The mpc
file has ape tags at the end and mp3tag (v2.21) is able to read and
write the tags.

Is anyone else experiencing the same?



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> With thanks to Erik Reckase for the support modules, Musepack
> can now be used with SlimServer under Windows and Linux.
> Support for Musepack, and the slightly modified binaries
> required for Windows and Linux is included in the Latest
> Nightly build: http://www.slimdevices.com/downloads/nightly/latest/
> Fans of Musepack, please try it out and report any problems.
> Musepack is under active development again and open source.
> Support for OSX is to be included for future versions. Once
> that is available, it can be added to slimserver..
> cheers,
> kdf