View Full Version : XM vs Sirius: confused

2009-06-09, 05:08
I am an XM subscriber. Recently it seems that XM and Sirius have combines since I now receive all the Sirius channels in my car.

My question: Is this also true on the internet? Will I now be able to get Sirius-XM on the Squeezenetwork? If not, then why not?


2009-06-15, 06:34
No. If you have XM radio, you now need to pay for the XM internet radio feed. But it's NOT the same as the Sirius internet radio feed.

Unfortunately, the Squeezebox only supports the Sirius radio feed natively. I called XM and asked if I could get the Sirius version of the feed, but they said that the two systems are still separate for the time being.

There is an XM radio plug in which works fine, but it only works with SqueezeCenter (not a problem for me). Go to the 3rd party plugin section of these forums and you will find the thread.