View Full Version : Connecting radio stations on the Squeezebox boom...

2009-06-08, 20:42
The Squeezebox is working great but I'm unable to connect to certain radio stations. The stations do exist (available in Reciva) but somehow not included in search results on the squeeze. In one case, the station is found but just does not connect. Is there a solution? How do I get all my stations on the squeeze?


2009-06-08, 21:03
Do you have good URLs for the stations? Not for the station's web site, but for the actual stream? If so, then you can paste the URL into the SC web interface to "tune in" a radio station.

Or alternatively, have you tried RadioTime? I've found them to be pretty good at having comprehensive listings (although I haven't looked for really obscure stuff), as well as keeping URLs up to date.