View Full Version : One set of speakers per receiver or per connection?

2009-06-07, 09:22
Hi - thinking of buying a duet & I've got a basic question I couldn't find the answer to in the manual:

Can I have 2 zones from the same receiver just using different connections - e.g. optical cable out to an amp in one room and aux to hifi in another?

Or does Logitec want me to buy 2 receivers?


2009-06-07, 09:35
All the outputs are simultaneously operational, so yes, you can send the optical to one system and the analog to a different system. Of course, it's still only one source so you can only play the same thing in the two locations (and the 'sync' will by *perfect* :). If you want to play different music in the two locations then you will need 2 receivers.

2009-06-07, 10:44
Thanks - I can live with 1 room at a time