View Full Version : last.fm - a few questions

2009-06-07, 07:55
1. So far, I've had to reconfigure my last.fm settings every time I reboot my Squeezecenter server (Vista). Is that behavior expected? Currently I have to reconfigure SqueezeNetwork and Squeezecenter (latest release version) every time I reboot the machine.

2. When I play "My Radio Station" on a Squeezebox device, what exactly am I playing? Is it one of my playlists from last.fm or is it an assembly of artists I play from last.fm or???

3. Is there is a detailed how-to on configuring last.fm for Squeezecenter?


2009-06-08, 01:36
1. No - this is not normal behaviour. I don't use Vista, but this may be to do with the user account that Squeezecenter is running under. Have a search of the forums or contact support@slimdevices.com if you can't get this sorted.

2. See http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=64018&highlight=last.fm
for the best explanation I can give. There are a good few other threads on the forums which discuss this.

3. What configuring do you need help with? If you're using the official plugin, it's a question of entering your account details in Squeezecenter and then in Squeezenetwork (and authorising your account to access Last.fm) then everything is set up - no further configuration required.