View Full Version : To re-buffer or not to re-buffer

2009-06-07, 05:10
Some time ago, I read about a re-buffering problem. I just run into the same with my Squeezebox Receiver. Perhaps it's solved now; I just didn't find any information in the recent posts here.

The fact is, the re-buffering problem occurs only, if I place my receiver vertical. In horizontal position, there is no re-buffering at all. This might be due to placement of electronical parts within the receiver, but it might help others with the same problem.

2009-06-07, 06:04
Rebuffring occurs when the device can't get the audio data fast enough to coninuously play without interuption. This is down to the irless reception not being strong enough or clear enough. You might have a strong signal, but it could be very very noisy, or it might just be very weak.

Placing the Receiver vertically changes the orientation of the wireless antenas this will effect the signal being picked up. In some situations it might actually improve reception, but not many. This isn't something that can be fixed, it is really just a simptom of the way wireless networking works and the limitations of the technology

Something to try is to set bot the Receiver and your router/access point vertically. Or move the antenas on the router so they are horizontal. Perhaps even try one vertical and one horizontal. Orientaion of the antenas can have a huge impact on reception. 802.11n routers often have three antenas, it is uaually recomended to have them at different angles (left at -45, middle at 0 and right at 45) for the best reception.

2009-06-10, 17:56
It's amazing the things external to your squeezeboxen can affect throughput. I developed a rebuffering problems on my high bitrate FLAC files all of a sudden. Befuddled at first, I realized that the only thing that had changed with my network was the addition of a new flat-screen TV in close proximity to my main SB3. Switched from wireless to powerline adapter, and fixed that problem.

Then, the SBR in my Billiards room developed the same problem (again, only with FLAC files). No new devices that I could determine was causing interference, but my wireless signal had gone from 95% signal strength to 75%. Switched to a powerline adapter there as well, but no help. Switched out the SBR with a spare SB3...same problem. Checked the throughput of my various powerline adapters and realized several had very low throughput, worse than wireless. Moved the SB3 to a spot with a clearer view of the wireless router, and voila! Wireless strength moves up north of 90% and no more problems.

I've had other rebuffering issues from time to time, and in every instance it's a signal issue...sometimes developing after many months of everything working fine.

Maybe one day I'll break down and pay big bucks to have my house hardwired...given the unusual layout of my home that's going to be expensive, so I'm going to keep trying these ad hoc solutions until they finally don't work any longer.