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2009-06-07, 00:27
I'm sure I'm not alone in using a Squeezebox to listen to audiobooks and it would be really nice if they appeared under their own dedicated menu (rather than mixed up with my music albums).

Something like this:

- Audiobooks
| - Author
| - Title
| - Bookmarks

Any file with the genre tag 'audiobook' or 'spoken word' would appear here rather than under the current Music Library menus. The Author would be from the artist tag and the Title would be from the album tag.

Listening to audiobooks is different to music and the ability to bookmark your position is essential. There is currently KDF's bookmark plugin which offers this functionality (from the IR remote only) and a unasigned enhancement request. http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=9450, please add you vote if you think this is a good idea.

I appreciate cluttering up the UI with more menus is undesirable, so the Audiobook menu could be located under the 'Extras' menu (as per the Podcast menu).

All comments appreciated.

**** Raised enhancement request http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=12376 , please vote ****


2009-06-07, 01:48
Yes and while at it make m4b ( and m4a) search able for SC .
And support bookmarks for it.

Audio books come as m4b sometimes.

2009-06-07, 05:31
This should really be included with the NewSchema I guess.

Have you raised an enhancement request on Bugzilla yet?

In my mind it would be similar to how I would like 'singles' handled by SC. So you have Albums, Singles and Audio Books under Library.

2009-06-08, 03:40
I've not added an enhancement request to Bugzilla yet, I thought I'd try to get some comments first.

After reading the wiki regarding the NewSchema, it looks encouraging.

I'm assuming displaying audiobooks separately isn't a trivial change to the way SC works, and introducing a method of bookmarking (saving the playlist/track/position in track) would require quite a bit of effort.

As with all enhancement requests, as the proposer I think it's a great idea, but the majority of other uses might have a different view.


2009-06-08, 04:22
Although I don't ahve any audio books I still think it's a great idea.

You are right it isn't a trivial thing to do, but in my opinion it's something that would be good to have.

2009-06-08, 09:20
I second that. You should be able to browse albums, interprets or whatever is available at the top-level after choosing a certain style of music. It's especially usefull for audiobooks where you often remember the title (tagged as album) but sometimes not the author (tagged as artist).



2009-06-14, 00:16
Enhancement request added to bugzilla: http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=12376

Please add you support/vote if you think its a good idea.


2009-06-20, 07:33
I am currently trying to use custom scan and custom browse plugin to do somthing similer.

I use 6 custom tags,
subgenere ie mystery, Sci/Fi, horror etc
Book Series
Series Vol. number
Title of book

So far I have had no luck getting it to work as I would like.
I absolutely would love some ui enhancement's for audiobooks.

2009-06-20, 12:47
You can use Erland's plugins for this - use Multi Library, ensure that you have something that is specific to audio books (e.g. genre or a custom tag is "Audio Book"), have a library for the rest (i.e. music) and then use Custom Scan and Custom Browse plugins to keep them separate.

And vote for this enhancement, for bookamrks!