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2009-06-06, 21:04
Hi all,

After about a year of no problems with our Squeezebox 3 (it's one of the last Slim Devices branded units), it has stopped playing in the middle of a song and disappeared from the network twice, and I can't get it back today :(

It's on a wired network, running from Squeezecenter (7.3.2) on a local PC, the Squeezebox has a static IP address, and has been playing mostly local FLAC files and sometimes internet radio stations with no problems.

The other day, when the SB3 quit playing, pressing the power button on the remote made it say it was waking up squeezecenter ... connecting to squeezecenter ... unable to connect to squeezecenter, and retrying multiple times didn't fix it.

Next we tried stopping and starting squeezecenter on the host PC and power cycling the SB3, which got it back and playable again, but today, no dice.

After the music suddenly stopped today, I tried restarting squeezecenter and the SB3 to no avail, so I did more troubleshooting, but with no change so far:
- dust-off blast in the network port on the SB3
- different network cable
- different switch port
- connecting directly to the router (running DD-WRT 2.3 SP2) instead of the gigabit switch (linksys EG008W ver. 3) everything else is also connected through
- DHCP instead of static IP address (unable to find DHCP server error message quickly or unable to obtain IP address error after the 30 second timeout)
- pinging the static IP address of the SB3 from a PC on the network (no reply)
- hardware reset from the menu (no change, other than after reconfiguring, it didn't know about our squeezecenter server, so I had to attempt to connect by it's IP address, to no avail)
- connect to squeezenetwork (unable to find an address for squeezenetwork)

On the router and switch I'm connecting to, the network lights for the port I have the SB3 connected to are always on correctly, and when I disconnect the cables, the SB3 complains about the Ethernet cable not being connected. When connected, the SB3 can't see anything on the network anymore, and nothing on the network can see it anymore.

No changes have been made to the network for a while, the last was adding the gigabit switch a few months ago. Other items on the network are Windows and Linux PCs and a Popcorn Hour A-100 networked media streamer (no, even though it plays FLAC files, it is definitely not a substitute for a squeezebox. It's great for video though, but I digress.)

I'm beginning to think the network port or chip on the SB3 has become flaky or partly died :(

Is a bad/flaky network port a known hardware failure on the SB3?

Can anyone think of anything else to try?

Thanks in advance for any help!
I just tried these:
1 - rebooted the router, ensured that it was fully operational again, disconnected everything from the router except for the squeezebox (using a different known good network cable), and rebooted the squeezebox - the squeezebox could not get an IP address from the DHCP server in the router which works fine for everything else.
2 - installed a fresh copy of Squeezecenter on a different PC, and tried connecting to it with a static IP (DHCP still doesn't work for the SB3) - it can't find the squeezebox, and the squeezebox can't find it.

I was going to try turning on wireless in the router and using the squeezebox wirelessly, but it won't let me configure networking when the Ethernet cable is unplugged.
Factory test:
Board Revision: 00 00
firmware version 123

Does anyone know how long the hardware warranty is on the SB3, and how much factory service costs?

Also, in addition to dust-off, I also cleaned out the network jack with 99.9% electronics grade isopropyl alcohol, but still no change.

2009-06-07, 05:24
Is a bad/flaky network port a known hardware failure on the SB3?


Does anyone know how long the hardware warranty is on the SB3, and how much factory service costs?
Network hardware isn't a known problem, but like anything electronic, it can die in unpredictable ways. It has been reported before though, but not enough to mark it as a design or implimentation issure as far as i know.

Warranty is 2 years. I would contact support-at-slimdevices.com to see what they say, I guess they will recomend contacting your vendor or they will organise an RMA directly.

If it was out of warranty I believe it is a flat $90 for a repair. You shouldn't have to go that route though.

2009-06-08, 09:12
Don't know the menues of your routers software but you should be able to get list of the MAC-adresses of all connected devices. Lokate the Squeezeboxes MAC, erase the list and have the router relearn the devices.

If the router does not learn the MAC, the networking interface of the Squeezebox may have a problem.

You could go further, take a cross-cable wire the squeezebox to a laptop running Wireshark and see if the interface is really dead. If you don't see any network-packets with the Squeezebox' MAC in Wireshark while trying to reconnect (to whatever, we're just testing to see any kind of reaction), the Squeezebox' network interfaces has most likely died.



2009-06-12, 15:51
Thanks to both of you for your suggestions.

I've done some more experiments and figured out that the most likely thing going on is that the receive portion of the wired network interface has died. I will be contacting support, and hopefully receiving warranty service.

I hadn't tried a packet capture yet because I couldn't find my crossover adapter, but I just got a new one today and ran some tests:

Test 1 - crossover adapter between SB3 and laptop, capture on laptop:
The squeezebox seems to be transmitting correctly over ethernet, because I see a sequence of 2 packets from the SB3 repeating every 1-2 seconds:
1 - an ARP request from the SB3's mac address for the IP address of the server I was testing with (which has a fresh install and a tiny music library), please tell the static IP I had assigned to the SB3
2 - SliMP3 protocol discovery requests Device ID 0, firmware 0.4
- When I connect the SB3 to the network again, it still can't find the server or get an address for Squeezenetwork, so I believe the ethernet interface is either not receiving correctly, or else there is another problem with the network hardware in the squeezebox.

Test 2 - SB3 on network, capture run from the host running the fresh squeezecenter install:
- From the SB3 I see the exact same repeating traffic pattern as in Test 1 above.
- From the Squeezecenter host, I see Squeezecenter replying to all of the requests from the SB3.

Clearly the SB3 is not seeing the responses from the server, and a dead ethernet receiver on the SB3 would definitely explain it.

Also, about the wireless networking problem, I noticed that when I plugged the SB3 in after being unplugged for over 24 hours, it gave me the wired/wireless connection choice! Even a factory reset in the menu doesn't give you that choice back. Unfortunately, running the SB3 wirelessly is not an option for a number of reasons, the least of which is that firmware upgrades are dangerous over wireless.