View Full Version : Does the Duet Controller talk to the squeezebox reciever or router or both?

2009-06-06, 04:54
Hello everyone,

Just have this quick question; does the Duet Controller talk to the Squeezebox reciever, router, or both?

I have everything set up wirelessly and want to use the controller outside and need to know which I need to have closer to the controller; the reciever or the router. I have been reading conflicting things that the controller talks to both. I am assuming that the controller talks to the reciever and the reciever talks to the router.

Thank you in advance!

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2009-06-06, 05:41

It all depends on how you initially set it up?

If during initial setup you selected the Squeezebox_XXXX connection, then the controller connects wirelessly with the RECEIVER. This uses the built in wireless of the receiver.

If during initial setup you selected your OWN wireless network (assuming you have a wireless router) then the controller communicates using your wireless router and the receiver's built in wireless is disabled.

If you use a wireless laptop/PC and you scan for available wireless networks do you see a wireless network named something like Squeezebox_XXXX, if so your Controller is connecting to the Receiver via the receiver's built-in wireless network.

I know how confusing this sounds, but how you setup the SBC/SBR in the first place determines which wireless item you may need to move.


2009-06-06, 14:26
Thanks for the reply Kantblue. I have a wireless network and set the squeezebox up to use it. I looked to see if there was anything named something like squeezebox as an available connection from my Laptop and there isn't.

So let me know if I have this stright; the controller talks to the squeezebox through my router. The squeezebox talks to my computer where my music and Squeeze center are through the router wirelessly. So, I would want the controller as close to the router as possible?

Thanks again and have a great weekend!

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2009-06-06, 15:13
So let me know if I have this stright; the controller talks to the squeezebox through my router. The squeezebox talks to my computer where my music and Squeeze center are through the router wirelessly. So, I would want the controller as close to the router as possible?
If you have an existing wireless network that the Controller connected to at initial setup, it will have given these details to the Receiver when that was set up. Both devices will be connected directly to the router over wireless.

When you do something with the Controller, like play something or add to a playlist etc, you are comunicating with SqueezeCenter. SqueezeCenter will then tell the Receiver (or any other player) what to do.

In the case of the players with screens, even that data is being fed in real time by the server.

If you didn't have a wireless network when you set it up and wired your Receiver to your router, then the devices are behaving in exactly the same was as above, the only difference is that the Receiver is acting like a very specialised wireless access point that will only work with a Controller.

But anyway you look at it, the devices are not comunicating directly, it's all down to SqueezeCenter (or SqueezeNetwork if you use that instead)

2009-06-07, 02:54
Hi Bob.

Its the position of the RECEIVER and your PC/MAC running Squeezecentre thats crucial here, not the Controller.

The CONTROLLER doesn't actually send much wireless data over your network. It really only sends commands to play tracks, alter playlists and display artwork etc. Nothing like the amount of data that music streaming sends.
[This is different if you are using your CONTROLLER with headphones enabled, I'm assuming this is the not the case]

When you select a track to play what happens in your case is:

1. Your CONTROLLER tells your Squeezecentre the track to play using your wireless router and displays the track cover on itself - limited data transfer required for this.

2. Your MAC/PC running squeezecentre starts sending the music streaming data WIRELESSLY to your router.

3. Your router then sends/forwards the music streaming data WIRELESSLY to the RECEIVER which then outputs your music.

In this case you have what is known as a double-wireless-hop, eg MAC/PC > ROUTER > RECEIVER. In order to avoid problems with this your wireless connectivity needs to be good or you will suffer from stuttering/buffering problems. For this reason you need to position both your RECEIVER and MAC/PC to get a good wireless signal. Having said that if its working where it is I wouldn't worry too much, in your original post you don't say if you are having problems?

You have set your Duet up correctly for completely wireless operation. The SQUEEZEBOX_XXXX setup is really only for people who don't have a wireless router and has at least two disadvantages:
1. The operating range of the controller/receiver is smaller
2. The battery life is reduced.

I've tried to outline the most reliable way to connect below, but please remember if your completely wireless setup is working fine, then you don't HAVE to do anything, eg if it ain't broke don't fix it!

For the most reliable operation the least wireless involved the better.
The ideal setup is:
RECEIVER connected to Router with ethernet cable
PC/Mac running Squeezecentre connected to router with ethernet cable.
In this case there is no wireless involved with music streaming, only the data transfer between the CONTROLLER and Wireless router.

Second best would be:
PC/MAC running Squeezecentre connected to router with ethernet cable
RECIEVER connected to router via wireless
RECIEVER connected to router with ethernet cable
PC/MAC running Squeezecentre connected to router via wireless
In both these cases there is only ONE wireless HOP.

Third best would be:
RECEIVER connected to router Wirelessly
PC/MAC connected to router Wirelessly
In this case you do have a double wireless hop, which MAY be problematic.

Hope this helps, considering there are only three devices involved: Receiver, Router, PC there is a great deal of possible setups :)!


2009-06-07, 10:16
Thanks alot Funkstar for clearing that up for me. Really appreciate it!

Kantblue; wow, you really laid it out perfect and I truly appreciate it! I have been having some issues with what appears to be the controller losing communication with something. It just freezes and sometimes the signal strength meter turns red. I have everything hooked up wirelessly so I will try and hook it up with at least one being hard wired.

Anyway thanks again and whoever is in charge of this forum should think about making this a Sticky because it has some great info.

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2009-06-07, 10:26
And if the PC/MAC acting as SC server is used for anything else I would suggest having it wired as these other activities can use bandwidth needed for music streaming. It would be impractical to stop the music just because you wan to move a big file.

2009-06-07, 10:42
Hi Bob,

Thanks for your comments, but I should point out that these are only my thoughts on the subject!

I notice too your comment about the controller and the red signal strength meter, I think this is a known bug which I haven't seen in the beta version of the software 7.3.3 which I'm now using. I did see it in previous versions.

You could always try the beta 7.3 if you are comfortable with beta software - its been very stable for me. It looks as if the new official version will be out soon, so if you would prefer to wait for it.

Which version of the Squeezecentre you are running?


2009-06-08, 16:36
Thanks Mnyb!

Kantblue, I am running on 7.3.2 I think I might try the new beta this weekend.

You have been a great help and it is truly appreciated!

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2009-06-09, 01:24
Hi Bob FYI

Looks like there is an even newer firmware update coming out in beta any day now see: http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=62844&page=16

I find it seems to work better if you uninstall the previous squeezecentre before you go to the new versions, rather than upgrading. This does mean a complete re-scan of all your music etc, but I have found doing this somehow seems more reliable, don't really know why.

Just to let you know, if you have any additional plug-ins etc, some of them might not work with 7.3.3?

When you have installed this update, don't expect the controller to offer you updated firmware immediately (though it might!), after a few hours you should be offered the update to the latest firmware.