View Full Version : Making SqueezePlay more "portable"?

2009-06-06, 03:57
I have just begun using SqueezePlay for both Linux and Windows, and I fint it very useful and handy compared to xmms and winamp.
I'm requesting the possibility to copy both the linux and the windows version of SqueezePlay on to a memory stick, and run it from there. Making it 100% portable.
Problem is, the SP configuration files are stored in the users "settings directory": %APPDATA%\SqueezePlay - typically C:\Users\{username}\AppData\Roaming\SqueezePlay and for linux: <user home directory - $HOME>/.squeezeplay

I would very much like to store these files in the SqueezePlayer's own software directory. On the memory stick.

Do any of you know if this is even possible?