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2009-06-05, 05:24
I tried the N810 way (nice product, I use it regularly to surf from the couch, chat with friends, stuff like that) but was left really unimpressed by its remote capabilities with SqueezeCenter.

Now I'm wondering if a Controller would be the right way to go or if iPeng offers a better user experience, with a larger screen, etc.

Anyone tried both that could offer his/her opinion?

Thanks in advance.

I have two Squeezeboxes in two different zones of the house, plan on adding another couple sooner or later.

2009-06-05, 06:14
I've got both and find myself using iPeng on my iPod Touch more than the Controller. It's nicer to use because of the larger screen and touch abilities. However, the Controller does also give the option of using it as a portable player which is nice if you want to lie in bed listening to a wider range of music than the iPod can hold (although I have to limit the bitrate for the Controller as it won't stream FLAC files reliably - a separate issue discussed elsewhere on the forum).

iPeng does have the portable player functionality on its roadmap for a future update, so at that point the Controller may become redundant, especially as my iPod seems to have better wireless ability and it's cheaper to buy an 8Gb Touch + iPeng than a Controller.

The other thing to remember is that the iPod is more than just an alternative Controller. It can browse the web, check email, play games, play video, offer other streaming music services and the Appstore allows for many more possibilities for use. If I had neither and was going to buy only one, it would be the iPod + iPeng (sorry, Logitech).

2009-06-05, 06:43
Now I'm wondering if a Controller would be the right way to go or if iPeng offers a better user experience, with a larger screen, etc.

Anyone tried both that could offer his/her opinion?
If you mean using iPeng on an iPhone or iPod Touch, then I think you'll find a lot of opinion already expressed in these forums. A search on iPeng (with or without 'SBC') should turn up plenty. I haven't been following the threads closely because I don't own an iAnything and don't plan to, but from my casual reading of the opinions I gather that most users think iPeng on an iPhone or Touch is *way* better than the SBC. Not just for screen size, but especially for interface and reliability.

2009-06-06, 11:20
I have iPeng on an iPod Touch. I have never tried the Logitech Controller.

I like iPeng. Does a great job of browsing through music services on Squeezenetwork. I can easily discover much more music this way than using the Squeezebox remote.

The iPod Touch has become my main "computer" for email, web browsing, etc. It is so convenient to use anywhere in the house on the wireless network.

I don't think Logitech is suffering from the use of iPeng. Just the opposite. iPeng's added functionality for the Squeezebox I assume incentivizes more sales of Squeezeboxes.

2009-06-08, 01:42
I guess I'll wait for today's announcements from Apple and take it from there. I would have thought that for long lists, scrolling with a wheel (as with the Controller) would have been easier/faster.

2009-06-08, 02:43
No, the iPod is much faster with long lists because you can flick to scroll quicker. There's also an alphabet list on the side you can use to jump to parts of the list (example at http://webdiary.com/i/content/ipeng2.jpg). On the Controller, the more you spin the wheel the faster it scrolls, but it does have a tendency to overshoot.

A touchscreen is just a better interface overall.

2009-06-08, 03:03
Apart from the player functionality, the other advantage the Controller has is its hardware buttons for pause, track skip etc

However in practice they aren't as much of an advantage as you might think. 50% of the time that I pick up the Controller it has been idle long enough to go to sleep, which means it takes 10 seconds or so to wake up before I can use the hardware buttons.

I can turn on my iPhone and launch iPeng in less time than it takes the Controller to wake.

If I was starting afresh now I wouldn't bother buying a Controller, I'd just get a Touch/iPhone.

2009-06-08, 03:04
A touchscreen is just a better interface overall.
I think more accurately Apple's touchscreen implementation is a better interface overall.