View Full Version : Squeezebox stop after unpausing

Robert Wallace
2004-05-31, 19:47

The problem was fixed, but seems to have popped up again for some reason.
I'm running a release that's a few days behind 5/29.


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When I pause my SqueezeBox, and later unpause it (by pressing play or
pause in Now Playing mode) the music starts up, and after a few seconds
stops completely, as I guess runs out of the cached music stored on the
on-board memory. The progress indicator is updated, pretending to play,
but there is no output. When the song is over, the next one plays
correctly. IF I press play (starts from scratch) or if I skip back or
forward, the music comes on.

I use optical digital out. The server runs on Win2K Server in Services
mode. I use the latest daily 5/29, with the corresponding firmware upgrade.

I have seen this issue being fixed on the changelog several times, how
come I still run into it?