View Full Version : Squeezebox on twitter

2009-06-04, 20:16
I just found Squeezebox on twitter but it appears the account has been abandoned after about a week of posts in late April. Too bad. Could be a good outlet for tips and such. Maybe if they got some more followers they'd get back to posting some updates.


Doing a live twitter search on squeezebox is kind of fun for a while too. The Boom gets a lot of love.


Yes. I'm bored tonight.

Mark Miksis
2009-06-04, 21:57
This is mostly my fault. Please let us know what kind of content would be desired on twitter. I plan to restart this effort.

2009-06-05, 08:08
Hi Mark,

Well, let's see... how about:
Tips from the wiki.
Interesting threads from the forum.
Info about the various music services.
Useful plug-ins.
Reviews or comments about Squeezebox products from around the web.
New software/feature announcements.
New hardware announcements.
Music news and deals.