View Full Version : Network back to not working well.. Bummer!

Andy Dannelley
2004-05-31, 18:31
Well, I tried channel 1, and sure enough, the microwave interference
left, but for some reason there is more noise, so the signal to the
WET11/ Slimp3 is just not good enough to keep things going.

I moved back to channel 11, and now the microwave interference is
back, oh well!

The Squeezeboxen are far enough away that the interference doesn't
impact them, but sometimes when the WET11/Slimp3 stops, for some reason
it will just stop the music on all boxes.

My network is two Airport Extreme Base Stations in WDS mode, which
seems to get a good signal through the problem areas in the house.

I have an old Airport Base Station (Snow, dual ethernet). Wondering ,
is there anyway I can perhaps use that old Base Station somehow to make
my network more robust, less prone to interference and maybe kick the
microwave out of the picture.

Thought about connecting it to the Slimp3 somehow, but just don't know
how, or even if I can, or it will work.

Any ideas much appreciated.