View Full Version : New user wireless problems - help?

Nic Breese
2004-05-30, 01:01

Got my first Squeezebox yesterday. Love the design! I'm having a few
problems getting them setup wirelessly. I'm no expert and I'm sure there is
something simple I am missing.

I have two wireless networks, one 802.11b and the other 801.11g. Both use
128bit encryption and use MAC address granting security. I have a laptop
that connects perfectly to both. I have tried accessing both networks from
the Squeezebox and it goes through the 20 second search and can't find them.
I tried turning off both the WEP and MAC security and still no joy.

My 802.11b network uses a Dlink DSL-604+ adsl router. I connected via an
ethernet cable and the Squeezebox connected perfectly, found the Slimserver
and started playing music.

I setup an Adhoc connection using my laptop and the Squeezebox found that
(but no DHCP so it did not get any further than finding the network).

I tried disabling UPnP just in case and that made no difference either.

I guess I am missing something very basic and would appreciate you help so I
can start using them properly!

Many thanks