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2004-05-29, 19:15
If you can't ping the squeezebox then you have to statically assign an IP
address to the Squeezebox and to your PC so that they can see each other.
You might have to stop the slimserver so that you can get the Squeezebox to
boot up to the point where you can statically enter an IP address.


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I do use DHCP addressing (automatically assigned) but I don't think I am
getting as far as that. If I look at ipconfig and try to release and renew
the IP address, the renewal fails and when the PC and Squeezebox are
connected via crossover cable, a ping brings no response. The tray icon
(winXP), shows a connection but traffic is only one way. If I unplug the
network cable, the tray icon shows disconnected and so the PC definitely
sees the Squeezebox. All the time this is happening, displayed on the
Squeezebox is "Squeezebox is ready for firmware upgrade - IP address is" No matter what I do, that message remains and I can't get past
I trawled the listserver earlier and found one other case of this problem
and it was identical but there was no resolution posted as I think the
Squeezebox was retuned to the dealer. This happened to a guy called Tim
Urbanz around 2 January 2004. My squeezebox is only a day old, so I hope
that this is not an omen!