View Full Version : Receiver stuck - resolved but ...

2009-05-29, 07:03
In response to some chatter about auto connect to SN, I tried to connect my receiver to SN. Disaster!

I got as far as a blue light on the receiver, and controller message that the connect had failed. This after being shown a pin to enter. I flailed for a while, including deleting SN player info and retrying. I was stuck. It was as if the receiver was "attached" so SN, but SN didn't know about it! No way to undo this but factory reset?

After factory reset, receiver would NOT connect to my SC or even my network. Got a blue light, but was not really on the network. (No DHCPACK). More flailing. Tried wired, no luck. In desperation, I reset everything, and during setup told the controller to use the wired receiver in bridge mode. The receiver got connected to the network, and did a firmware update! To the firmware it should have had - namely 61, since I run 7.3.3.

My best guess is that SN tried to downgrade the receiver firmware and messed up.

I'm back now - but I doubt the average user would have ever untangled this without tech support, or even with tech support.

Also, I just looked as SN. It (again) knows about my controller and my receiver, even though I have not tried to connect either. It lists the receiver as "not connected". And it lists the receiver firmware as 60, NOT 61.

I'm not even sure what bug to open.