View Full Version : Feature Request - Cache catalog on SD Card in Controller

Mr. Resistor
2009-05-28, 13:39
Here's a pipe dream feature request...

Could the music catalog be cached to an SD card stored in the Controller so browsing would be sped up? Cover art too if there's space. Updating the Squeezecenter would force an update on the Controler. Could make for much faster browsing. Have two duets, two booms, and just short of 120k files... grasping for any possible way to speed access.

- Jim -

2009-05-28, 14:59
Well, you could buy an iPod touch and iPeng :-)

Seriously. When I started the iPeng App a year ago we had this discussion here, I even filed a few bugs on database changes to support syncing a cache. Never got implemented.

All iPhone applications and from what I read the beta one for WinMobile as well as Moose do caching but for the Controller the concept is to explicitly NOT do it.

Both approaches have pros and cons. The main reason all iPhone apps probably do it is because they use an alphabet index to directly access parts of long lists and you need an index for that.
The backside is you need to cache the data, which can take a bit for very long lists, especially on slow servers plus it can get out of sync because SC is not made to communicate changes/updates (has improved since but there are still situations where you have to manually sync).

The concept of all Squeezeboxes (including the controller) on the other hand is, that they always work on the primary data (on the server), which makes the system simpler and always accurate but which is slower.