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2009-05-28, 06:39

Hope this is the right forum for this post

Just new to the Squeezebox family and over the last 3 weeks I am now the proud owner of a Squeezebox3 & a Squeezebox Boom feeding off my Qnap 209 NAS...

I am still finding my way around all the delights, I love the idea of the podcasts with very easy access when you set them up, what I would love is to see what everybody is listening to so that I can add them to my list, would it be possible to have a sticky with podcast info so that you can copy the addressess into the settings of Squeezecenter, here are a few which I like to listen to, please add yours so that I can educate myself, all podcast subjects welcome, even video podcasts as well as I can download these (through itunes) and watch through my iTouch hooked up to my Boom...

Audio Podcasts
PC Pro Podcast - http://feeds.feedburner.com/pcpropodcast
All About Symbian Podcast - http://rss.allaboutsymbian.com/media/podcastfeed.xml
AV Forums Podcast - http://www.avforums.com/podcast/rss_mp3.xml

Video Podcasts (Through Itunes)
Gadget Pr0n
The Phones Show
Learn Excel From Mr Excel


2009-06-05, 10:18
Welcome to the Squeezebox family! Sounds like you're enjoying your experience so far. As far as Podcasts go, I have found that using Mediafly is the best way to manage my Podcasts. Since Squeezebox has Mediafly capability, you can set up all of your podcasts on Mediafly and access then through your Squeezebox. The added benefit to using Mediafly is that you can also use it to access your Podcasts through a regular web browser when that suits you. I currently access Mediafly through:
Web browser
iPod Touch

Here's an RSS feed of my Podcasts:

2009-06-05, 11:56
Hi ChrisNY,

Thank you for the reply, did not know about Mediafly so have now joined up thanks to your link...