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2004-05-29, 05:11
Get a squeezebox now. If you don't, and you wait
until after you get a good enough amp, speakers,
interconnects, speaker wire, etc. (see where I'm
going?) Buy it and start ripping your CDs. Use
a decent ripping program (EAC, dbPowerAmp, CDex to
name a few) and grab lame (if you want to transcode
down to mp3) and you'll be happy enough.

Saving for a new amp will probably run you more than
$3k retail, and you can listen to your new squeezebox
while racking up those dollars.

Buying an external DAC without upgrading the amp is
probably a semi-waste of money.


>>> tamati (AT) paradise (DOT) net.nz 05/29/04 00:34 AM >>>
Hi folks,

Thanks for the extensive answers to my questions about digital quality, especially from Paul Williamson, Simon Turner, and Pat Farrell. I'm on a learning curve but it sounds like the Squeezebox is just what I'm after ;-)

I haven't been able to find if my Yamaha RX-V795 amplifier accepts SPDIF, just that a much bigger brother, the RX-V3000 does, and it's also not forthcoming in the specs.

Mine: <http://www.yamaha.co.jp/english/product/av/products/ht/rxv795.html>

3000: <http://www.yamaha.co.jp/english/product/av/products/ht/rxv3000.html>

I guess I'll have to try and see, and buy a new amp or DAC if it doesn't!

Can I suggest a compatibility page on the site?

Anyway, unless somebody can chime in about Yammy amps I'll close with a couple more questions:

* General recommendation is to encode CDs with FLAC rather than Apple's Lossless, which sounds like a good plan, but doesn't that preclude using iTunes (on a Mac) to manage my music (or maybe manage but not play)?

* I like iTunes' interface and aren't that keen on searching a huge collection with a two line display and cellphone keypad. Can I use iTunes for all the control of tracks I need (play individual track, play searched selection, play playlist, etc.), or is some input to a web browser or the Squeezebox still required (sorry, sounds like a dumb question, but I can't find how iTunes, the web server, and the Squeezebox all cooperate (can the Squeezebox update the played count?)).

Awesome sounding product, but with possibility of a new amp and two external drives, it'll have to wait a few months!