View Full Version : How do I get album art to match the album

2009-05-26, 18:23
When I select a song the album art does not match the album. The album art is usually from an album in the same folder but it won't match up. I've cleared the cache and the preferences file and reread everything from scratch but it still is incorrect. Any help is appreciated.

2009-05-26, 22:31
You need to provide more information.
How do you have your artwork stored? How is your music organized?
A typical arrangement is each album in its own directory (often organized by Artist/Album). Within each album directory would be the actual music track files, along with the album artwork, stored as "folder.jpg" or "cover.jpg". Or, the cover art could be saved as a tag in the track. What type of files (mp3, flac, etc?)
Where do you have trouble viewing the correct artwork? Is it on the Controller, or in a web browser? (both?) If it's a web browser, make sure you do a full "clear and rescan" from Squeezecenter, and then clear the BROWSER'S cache (I've had a lot of trouble with artwork displaying incorrectly in the web browser, and it turned out that it was due to the browser's cache).

2009-05-27, 02:31
I have had this happen very occasionally - maybe twice in five years - and the only solution I found that worked was to create a new folder (named differently from the folder the files are currently in) move the music files and .jpg to it, then do a full clear and rescan (having deleted the cache file as well). You will also need to clear the browser cache as suggested above.

2009-06-01, 21:21
Awesome! I think the full clear and rescan and clearing the cache solved my problems. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Thanks guys.