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2009-05-26, 13:13
I was wondering if someone can help me as the documentation for setting up a playlist is a bit lacking

How would I go about setting-up and saving a song playlist? When I click on the song, there only seems to be a "Favorite" option.

Thanks for your help.

2009-05-26, 13:15
See the two threads linked to in my post below:


2009-05-26, 17:07
Thanks for your help. Is there a way to create a playlist on the remote itself?

2009-05-27, 02:29
Yes there is - the below instructions assume you are using a standard SB classic remote, not the Duet Controller, and your playlist mode is set to disabled or off (if you don't know what this is, don't worry about it, you haven't changed the default setting).

First, add your tracks to Now Playing using the + button on the remote and then (and this is the important bit) whilst in the Now Playing screen, press and hold play. This will allow you to save the playlist.

There is also the Zapped Playlist functionality - which allows you to "zap" songs from Now Playing (i.e. whilst you are listening to them) to a set Zapped Playlist. Good for keeping track of mistagged tracks for example, so you know where to find them when you go back to correct them.

To add to Zapped Playlist, whilst in the Now Playing screen, press and hold + (add). When you are done with the Zapped Playlist, just delete it - which will delete the playlist but not the songs.

Also, look at the Playlist Manager plugin which adds more functionality to dealing with playlists from the remote.

2009-05-27, 03:12

Wouldn't mind a few more votes for this feature request http://bugs.slimdevices.com/show_bug.cgi?id=11565