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2004-05-28, 22:55
You can see from this chart that the RXV795 does indeed have optical inputs.


All optical inputs on Yamaha receivers are capable of doing SPDIF, that's
been the standard for years in home audio electronics.

Now I hate to burst your bubble, but you are not going to see some
noticeable audio quality difference between using the DAC in an RXV795 and
the DAC in the Squeezebox. The DAC in the lower end Yamaha receivers is
pretty basic, at one time they put pretty good DACs in their equipment, but
until you get into their real high end that is no longer the case.

Basically when you are looking at "high end audio" the sound quality is only
going to be as good as the weakest link. What kind of speakers do you have?
Before worrying about an external DAC you could certainly improve sound
quality by getting some good speakers and it would not hurt to get a more
robust amplifier. Upgrading the DAC is really the lowest priority thing to
upgrade if you are worried about high fidelity sound and you are looking at
basic components.


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Hi folks,

Thanks for the extensive answers to my questions about digital quality,
especially from Paul Williamson, Simon Turner, and Pat Farrell. I'm on a
learning curve but it sounds like the Squeezebox is just what I'm after ;-)

I haven't been able to find if my Yamaha RX-V795 amplifier accepts SPDIF,
just that a much bigger brother, the RX-V3000 does, and it's also not
forthcoming in the specs.

Mine: <http://www.yamaha.co.jp/english/product/av/products/ht/rxv795.html>

3000: <http://www.yamaha.co.jp/english/product/av/products/ht/rxv3000.html>

I guess I'll have to try and see, and buy a new amp or DAC if it doesn't!

Can I suggest a compatibility page on the site?

Anyway, unless somebody can chime in about Yammy amps I'll close with a
couple more questions:

* General recommendation is to encode CDs with FLAC rather than Apple's
Lossless, which sounds like a good plan, but doesn't that preclude using
iTunes (on a Mac) to manage my music (or maybe manage but not play)?

* I like iTunes' interface and aren't that keen on searching a huge
collection with a two line display and cellphone keypad. Can I use iTunes
for all the control of tracks I need (play individual track, play searched
selection, play playlist, etc.), or is some input to a web browser or the
Squeezebox still required (sorry, sounds like a dumb question, but I can't
find how iTunes, the web server, and the Squeezebox all cooperate (can the
Squeezebox update the played count?)).

Awesome sounding product, but with possibility of a new amp and two external
drives, it'll have to wait a few months!