View Full Version : No Artist?

2009-05-24, 11:25
I have an issue with 7.3.2 SqueezeCenter running on a Mac.
My Mac Mini is connecting to an OpenSolaris server via SMB.
The share on the server has the correct artist and album information but it doesn't show up in SqueezeCenter?

When I do a search for album title, it is in there but under 'No Artist'?

I have a total of 5 albums and 86 songs showing up in this manner.

Does anyone know what causes this and how I can fix it.



2009-05-24, 18:01
Usually that's a sign of bad tags. What format are the files? If they're MP3, the problem is usually that there are some stray (and erroneous) IDv1 tags that are confusing SC. Look at the tags in a good tagging program that will show *all* tags. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what tagging program to recommend for Mac OS.