View Full Version : Fault Tolerance of Slim server

2009-05-24, 03:15
Was using my laptop today hanging a external USB drive off it to play music off my Transporter with Rubinstein playing Chopin's Funeral Match.

I had it on a small coffee stand, slipped and let the USB drive fell to the floor detached from the laptop. The music continued playing with the buffer, expecting the worse I reattached the drive, the music kept playing without missing one single beat.

This is kudos to the excellent fault tolerance of Slimsever and modern hard drives.

2009-05-24, 12:10
You do need to give some kudos to your OS as well. I assume this is Windows. So as much as many would be loth to do so, it is testament to how well windows handles devices dripping off and then being re-attached :)