View Full Version : Controller as player, SN isn't listed under 'Music Source'

2009-05-22, 20:29
Yeah, says it all really...

I've enabled Player support on the controller, but when selecting music source, SqueezeNetwork doesn't show up.

I've added the controller to SN but it always says not-connected.

Do I need to do something with my Wireless ADSL router firewall settings?

2009-05-22, 22:48
Well audio playback trough controller is beta and is not supposed to work yet.

I have a later beta 7.4r5580 ? or something like that I have SqueezeNetwork as choice but i can not connect.

There is also a beta squeezenetwork but i can not remember address right now.

My guess is that it is in some kind of testing phase.

And also other post on this forum has indicated that the development of the audio playback for controller is somewhat low priority right now.
The dev's are soon to release 7.3.3 and are fighting to iron out the most alarming bugs in the controller, which of course have higher priority.