View Full Version : Mysterious Slimp3 / WET11 problems may be gone!

Andy Dannelley
2004-05-28, 09:43
Many of you may remember that I was having several problems with my
Slimp3/WET11, well, most of them have mysteriously vanished (knock

I also had a problem with Microwave oven interference, well, after much
antenna moving, much WET11 moving, and channel changing, I finally
(maybe, so far so good) found a channel that does not (so far) cause
problems when the microwave is in use. I tried channel 3, 11, 5, then
finallly went to channel 1 and it seems to be fixed. It seems that
channel 5 had some interference, channel 3 had less (I think) and
channel 11 (even though IPNetMonitor said it was he best channel) well,
it seemed to me that I even looked at the microwave while playing
music, the WET11 would stop.

But now on channel 1, it seems to be OK (so far, so good). I just
thought some others with Microwave interference might be interested,
just something else to try. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for all the help.