View Full Version : Vacation with iBook and SoftSqueeze

Andy Dannelley
2004-05-28, 09:34
Well, I guess I need to take my iBook on vacation this year to tend to
some business while I'm away. It's my own small business, so I don't
mind... anyway,

Since I'll have my iBook, I'll also have may entire music collection.
Well, I enjoy using my whole house music system at home compliments to
two Squeezeboxen and one Slimp3, I thought well, why not use
Softsqueeze while I'm away. I like Softsqueeze because it has at least
one feature that iTunes does not have... Sleep mode.

I've not tried it yet, but I assume I can use Softsqueeze on the same
computer I'm using as a server.

My real question (though maybe off topic for this group, but using
Softsqueeze, so maybe not) is...

What kind of speakers can I get that will travel well, maybe use
rechargeable batteries or just AC adapter that will sound good
connected to my iBook?

Anybody have experience with speakers that will travel that you like?
Any comments much appreciated.