View Full Version : Need Help moving to Nightly Build on WinXP Pro

Stephen Wing
2004-05-28, 01:41
> If you do install the latest nightly, please feel free to post to the
> list any issues you see (small or large) with it so we can fix them
> before the 5.2 release goes out.

Some small points then from me....

1. In the fishbone skin all the titles and options for the
configuration items of Plugins are in quite a large font (the Default
skin is fine and simply has the titles in bold)

2. After installing, but not rebooting, I have 2 entries in the Plugin
list for the DateTime Screensaver (the original unticked one, and a new
ticked one). Having said that, there was only 1 Datetime.pm file, so I
suspect a reboot will fix this.

3. I notice that it now takes advantage of the Shuffled playlist item
in the strings.txt - thanks!

4. Additional Shoutcast playlists are added, even if the Shoutcast
Plugin was turned off in previous versions - I'm not sure whether the
Plugin gets turned on by default on an upgrade but it would be nice if
the playlists only appeared once the plugin is turned on, and the
plugin does not get turned on if already off.

5. I had some problem with the Softsqueeze Java Web Start stuff - I
loaded the webstart.html and I believe I clicked on the correct place
in item 2, but it failed for some reason - I then loaded the jnlp link
into the Java Web Start app on my desktop and it downloaded and worked
fine - so I think there is some issue with it if it's the first time
it's run on a machine from the html interface (ie in the download

6. Using the Fishbone skin, go into a Saved Playlist and select Edit
Playlist. Delete all the entries (to be honest I think the issue of
how you return through the interface applies whatever) - if you click
on the new 'Squeezebox Home' option (there is a little clickable
directory list of Squeezebox Home\Edit Playlists\<playlist>) then this
adds a second top left pane navigation bar, and neither the original
nor this new one work particularly well (ie even if you select another
area such as "Browse Artists" it still doesn't update). I'm away from
the network now so cannot confirm the exact appearance on the screen
(this also prevents me from providing exact details for point 5)

7. The Softsqueeze version is out of date, but that's always going to
be an issue with third party developed apps I guess - however, as the
nightly build updates the date and time of the files, it's not
immediately obvious that it's an elder version that available from

I only considered installing this nightly build as I felt that right
now it's fairly stable, and I wanted the benefit of the Java Web Start
version of SoftSqueeze - however, can I offer a thought - is it worth
having a Stable CVS branch for people who need tested bug fixes, and an
Unstable CVS branch for the new "work in progress" features, which
would allow more people to take advantage of the nightlies without
having to worry about whether certain sections of the code are working
at all.

All in all, only a few little problems, some of which may have already
been in previous versions - I only played a couple of songs from
Softsqueeze, and a few songs from 1 Slimp3 so I may well find more
problems tonight :)