View Full Version : System hanging with 2 x SB3 players

2009-05-21, 07:25
I run 2 x SB3 players, one of which runs fine but the other causes Squeezecenter to hang for no apparent reason when I try to use it. Squeezenetwork seems to run fine but not Squeezecenter.
The dodgy player will scroll & turn on & off, yet a second after I press the Play button, it locks up & no buttons work. Windows task manager shows Squeeze..1.exe running at 50% CPU & I have to end the process & start Squeezecenter again.
I've tried to ensure that both players are set up identically in Sqcenter (wouldn't it be an idea to have a "copy" facility when adding a new player?) & as far as I can see they are setup the same. I can see nothing in the log files to indicate where the problem lies. They both used to work fine, including in sync mode, but one started becoming unreliable a few weeks ago & now is unusable. I haven't changed any setup option recently that may have caused the problem.
Both players run firmware 125 & Squeezecenter is 7.3.3 - 26246. I've tried updating several times but no joy. I have Win XP SP3. I've also switched off the player sync but no change & disconnecting & reconnecting the power lead doesn't work.
I can't see the player having a hardware fault as just pressing Play on the player causes Squeezecentre to go into meltdown. Also, Squeezenetwork runs OK.

Has anyone any ideas on how to fix this please?

Secret Squirrel
2009-05-21, 07:55
I know you've tried alot of things, but have you tried resetting th Xilinx chip? (Pressing and holding the "1" key on a power up of the bad SB3.)



2009-05-21, 09:31
Thanks SS
I hadn't tried that so I repowered up holding 1 button. It said - programming xilinx - & I tried again but no joy I'm afraid. It seemed to run OK for about 5 seconds instead of bombing immediately though. Tried resetting xilinx again but same result - 50% CPU on Squeeze..1.exe requiring me to end process & start again.

2009-05-21, 09:45
If it's a SqueezeCenter settings issue, you could try to delete the Prefs and Cache folders. This does mean however that you will need to configure everything again.