View Full Version : Netgear DG834GT/DG834PN

2009-05-21, 03:03
I'm considering one of these to replace my 02 supplied Thompson router, has anyone got any experience with them and squeezebox?

I'm leaning towards the DG834PN as is the higher model yet cheaper(?) but have read numerous reviews on amazon saying they don't work well with non-PC wireless devices such as the xbox, does squeezebox suffer the same?

2009-05-21, 11:40
I use two different routers (not at the same time!):

NetGear DG834GT and DG834N (not PN) - both work fine with my three SB2s.

They both also work fine with my Apple, HP, Psion, Yamaha and Panasonic networked "non-PC" gear.

Sounds like you've come across some home-spun networking philosophy from Windows-PC "experts" who are afraid of anything foreign! Quite common.

2009-05-21, 15:43
I have a Netgear DG834GT with no problems at all. Works with my Wii & linux laptop too. I have an ongoing problem with 1 of my SB3s, but that's nothing to do with the router. Got mine from Currys.

2009-05-22, 01:05
Cheers, I'll go for the PN unless an N turns up cheap!