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2009-05-20, 13:15

My AlienBBC setup has developed an issue in that the BBC podcasts have stopped working - it just says "Empty" when I click on a channel under the podcasts.

Any ideas as to what the issue could be? What logs should I get?


2009-05-20, 14:04
I think the BBC have changed their website - the code will need to be updated.

as a stopgap you can add the BBC opml feed to the SC "Podcast" settings.
The access through Podscast menu items.

Alternatively I think you can add the opml URL as a Favorite.

2009-10-01, 03:48

I am still using the workaround suggested successfully. However I updated to the latest AlienBBC test version when I installed 7.4 - and I still have the same issue. Is this to be expected or it a local issue on my setup?

Many Thanks!

Declan Moriarty
2009-10-01, 06:00
You mean you got Alien BBC to work on 7.4? Is this the production version? I can't get it to work at all. The test for mplayer works. It says that mplayer is installed. I think there are errors with the 7.4 server the log file for Alien BBC is attached.

2009-10-01, 06:35
Looks like a bad install of AlienBBC. AlienBBC 2.6b1-7.3 should be installed using Extension Downloader only.

AlienBBC plugin should be considered "end of life" and your should move onto the replacement plugins.

To play BBC programs you should be using BBCiPlayer plugin as BBC have been shutting down some RealAudio support.

I don't think it is worth updating the BBC podcast page as the resulting list from new format web site will not be much different from the OPML list.

Declan Moriarty
2009-10-01, 09:22
I did a clean install of 7.4 and downloaded all my plugins (the ones I could download!) from the Extension Downloader in the plugins section under the "3rd Party Plugins" heading. Alien BBC is at version 2.5 not 2.6. I will see if adding the beta repository helps.

2009-10-01, 10:23
2.6 can be found here http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?t=65546

During 7.4 development there were two versions of 7.4. The release version of 7.4 has many of the changes that required 2.6 to be developed.

However since 2.6 was developed between there was BBC changes and BBCiPlayer plugin improvements there is little reason for a user to use AlienBBC as BBCiPlayer plugin provides the same programs and at better quality for both UK and non UK users.