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Dixon, Bill
2004-05-27, 13:26
I know. I'm eliminating all b gear. That's the point. The SBs will be wired (non-wireless) and use a g bridge and short ethernet cable.

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So, your g will still move down to a b when you have even one squeezebox attach to it. If you have 5 squeezeboxen, it will still go down to a b. It's not like the ap can tell it's got more b devices to deal with and will automatically up to a g. It is still going to run as a b.


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I want g because I'll be running several squeezeboxen at once, and I prefer lossless or very high bitrate MP3. Kevin's correct, I want to run several small "gaming adapter" type g bridges because running the wireless sb will drag a g network down to b, and the current sb has no forseeable g upgrade path.

There are some that aren't too expensive.
motorola ~ $83

I was looking to see if anyone had personal experience w/ particular models.....