View Full Version : SC 7.3.3 release date?

2009-05-18, 09:32
Can anyone give me a date when SC 7.3.3 will come out of beta to official 'full' release? I'm keen to update but I'm nervous of betas.

2009-05-18, 12:24
Please hang on. 7.3.3 is not going to release until we're satisfied with how the Controller wakes up and goes back to sleep. It's requiring a bit of tinkering, and then we need to verify that the final settings keep the battery charged up as long as possible.

So instead of just picking a date, we're making sure that it meets the goals of improved wireless connectivity and improved battery life. We're hoping that 7.3.3 should be released somewhat soon.

In the meantime, the latest beta is looking pretty good. I know you mentioned that you're reluctant to try out a beta, but if you're having wireless connectivity issues I would suggest trying the latest.



2009-05-19, 10:18
Thanks Mickey. I've never dared use a beta before. What happens when the 'real' version finally appears - do I just install it over the beta? (I'm using an Intel Mac, OS-X 10.5.7, in case that makes any difference.) The reason I want to update is explained here...