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2004-05-27, 11:59
>>>> mlk (AT) klio (DOT) org 05/27/04 02:47PM >>>
>On Thu, 27 May 2004, Dixon, Bill wrote:
>> I'm considering purchasing a few more SBs, but in the wired only version
>> this time, as .11b isn't going to cut it (for me) in a multi-sb setup.
>> This leaves .11g (or maybe powerline) as an alternative. Anyone have
>> experience with any .11g bridges? Any recommendations? I'd prefer
>> something small and fairly unobtrusive.
>Be warned: The prices on wireless-G bridges are preposterous. I have a
>Linksys wireless router, so wanted to stick with a Linksys bridge. They
>make a bridge, but it sells for $179 at Best Buy. However, they also make
>a "gaming adaptor", which is a wireless-G bridge with slightly different
>styling, and which sells for $129.
>I bought the gaming adaptor (muttering about how ridiculous it is to pay
>more for a bridge than a router), and it works fine for me -- I stream
>PCM, and haven't had any dropouts with it.

Better yet, if you only want to connect a squeezebox or two, a b
access point will work great. I just picked up a brand new b router/ap
from Belkin for $19.99 at Best Buy a couple days ago.