View Full Version : Hail to the developers...

2009-05-16, 14:50
... yes indeed, hail to the developers of the squeezebox devices.
You have brought much joy to my little family (and others).

It just had to be said at some stage!

The way was not very easy but well worth it. 4 weeks, a new router, a dedicated squeeze center ""server"" (spare Dell D430 in the attik, connected wired to router), a save buffalo raid1 for the music and a lot of trial & errors later and the four squeezeboxes (1 duet, 2xSB1, 1x boom) work like a dream.
Even the wife likes it a lot - after being disappointed by the Wireless DJ due to its "crappiness" she is now fully into streaming music in all sorts of directions :)

So - in the moment the wife listens to Evanesence in the bedroom, the kids to two different audio books in their rooms and I am diving into Sade with a glass (bottle?) of wine & a good book.

Andi + Family

P.S. Thanks a lot to everyone in the forum too, I learned a lot here.

2009-05-17, 05:55
When it finally all works, it's great!