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Ernst Blofelt
2009-05-16, 14:43
Hey guys,

Although there is built in internet radio functionality on SqueezeNetwork I struggle to use it as I have no broadband where I live, and use a 3G (UMTS) connection. This is erratic and expensive (/$ per Mb). So it occurred to me if I plugged a radio in to my PC, I could play audio from the radio in to the PC, and somehow sample the audio and then stream it through my Squeeze boxes / receivers (shortly transporter too!), allowing me to listen to radio across my network.

I think that the only piece of kit I would need (aside from the radio) is a bit of software to sample and then stream. I have done a brief internet search and not really come up with much, so I wondered if someone might know how to do this, or more specifically what software I should use.

Thanks for your time, I look forward to your response.

2009-05-16, 15:02
You can use a TV Tuner card - many support FM or you can use Griifin RadioShark2 http://www.griffintechnology.com/products/radioshark2

There is a plugin to enable tuning and playing RadioShark through SC for Windows and Linux

2009-05-16, 15:43
Assuming your PC has a soundcard, the audio can be intercepted by the Wave Input Plugin. There can be problems with it - doesn't work in all situations but worth a try.

Lots of info at:




Hope that helps.


2009-05-17, 03:50
You could give No23Live a try. It's an audio streaming encoder for Windows available for free at www.no23.de. It streams all audio signals from your PC through a network.


Ernst Blofelt
2009-05-17, 23:41
Thanks everybody for their responses - the power of forums never ceases to amaze me.

I have ordered a Radio Shark 2 as this seems to be a neat / comprensive solution.

Thank you again!