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2009-05-16, 08:49
Back at the end of last year I asked bpa this question ...

<<I've been using my SB3 (SC 7.2.1) with the shiny new AACplus streams for a few days now, and I notice that when a station (such as Paradise) has the facility to provide a readout on the SB of what's playing (after you press Now Playing), it takes quite a while for the Now Playing readout to change to match the actual playing track. In other words, there's a delay between the song changing and the readout changing. Is there anything I can do at my end to fix the delay? It wasn't like this when I was using 6.5.x - in fact it was a more or less instant change.>>

Bpa replied as follows...

<<It's a known problem due to fact that SC doesn't know SB is playing a Flac stream - SC thinks it is a slow AACplus (e.g. 128 or 48k bit) streams as guesses the amount of "music time" in the SB buffer wheras SB has a 1500kbps Flac stream and has about 10 or 20 times less "music time" buffered. Problem is much worse with slow streams.
AACplus hooks into SC in an "unapproved" way to enable the radio text to be displayed - if I used the "Normal" transcodiong like Alien - there would be no text at all. The method also meant a full blown Plugin did not have to be developed. I do not want to maintain another plugin.
I might be able to do something in 7.3 as there have been changes which look promising.>>

I wondered, bpa, if you've managed to make an improvement regarding this time-lag and if it's therefore time for me to usefully upgrade from 7.2.1 to 7.3.2?

2009-05-16, 09:25
The AAC+ plugin is no longer required from 7.3.3.

In 7.3.3 Slimdevices now provide support for AAC+ streams through the faad and between using faad and other changes in 7.3.3, I believe the delay has been minimised but you should test it out yourself.

2009-05-16, 09:44
Thanks bpa. I'm puzzled by mention of 7.3.3. The 'general discussion' forum implies that 7.3.2 is the latest SC version.

2009-05-16, 10:03
7.3.3 is in beta at the moment - due to be released very soon. It is very stable.

7.4 is the next major release but it is alpha code which means often stable but occasionally unstable for a few weeks. At present it is "unstable" as big changes have been made to stop using MySQL and start using SQLite again.

You can get the development releases here http://wiki.slimdevices.com/index.php/Nightly_Builds

2009-05-16, 10:14
Thanks again. I'll give it a whirl.

2009-06-30, 14:10
Oh well, it took me a while, but I am now a happy 7.3.3 user.

All fine - but although the delay from track change to readout change is slightly better on AAC+ streams, it's still nowhere near the almost-instant change on an MP3 stream.

Is there anything more to be done?