View Full Version : Roku Radio and SC 7.3.3 no sound

2009-05-16, 07:31
I am a fresh convert from Roku to SB.

For historical, esthetics and the analog radio support I would love to at least keep my Roku Radio.

I am running the latest Beta firmware from Roku and SC 7.3.3 - 26488.

All looks good. I can control the Roku via SC, Controller or iPeng.
The Roku shows the currently playing track correct and even counts the playtime.

BUT: There is no sound. The Roku stays silent ?!

Any ideas what to do ?
I randomly see this error in the LOG when I try to play something on the Roku:

Error: Select task failed: Can't call method "can" on an undefined value at /<C:\PROGRA~1\SQUEEZ~1\server\SQUEEZ~1.EXE>Slim/Player/Squeezebox.pm line 807

Thank you for your help

2009-05-16, 07:48
The Roku emulation of an SB1 is a bit dodgy. This is one cure for one instance of the "No sound" symptom. Make sure after factory reset of Roku that when you subsequently start SC you manually select on Roku firmware version 40.

2009-05-17, 09:05
Also, make sure that you stream codecs to the RoKu that it can actually decode, or change the transcoding settings accordingly.