View Full Version : Can't connect to WRE54G range expander

2009-05-15, 06:30
I've done some searching, but it doesn't seem like people are having the difficulties I am...

I have a Linksys WRT54G router (running Tomato) and a Linksys WRE54G range expander. I think I have them set up correctly (WRT seems to know about WRE, can connect to WRE with browser), and at least one device (iPhone) seems to get good connectivity through the WRE. But I can't get my SqueezeboxBoom/Controller to connect reliably (like, fails 80% of the time).

I've tried static DHCP using the MACs of the devices. I've tried turning off DHCP and using static IPs. No avail. Very disappointing.

Is there anything else I should try? If anyone can help I'd appreciate it.



2009-05-15, 12:41
You might try DD-WRT, I'm using v24-sp1 with a WRT54G (might be GL/GS) and get basic connectivity. The controller does occasionally hang when switching from one player to another. Went to the beta dailies, it seemed to be ok, but now it's hanging again. Not sure if it's related to the DD-WRT - it seems like an acknowledgement isn't being recieved by the controller - or if it's related to wifi roaming issues in general.


Mick Seymour
2009-05-18, 09:22
There isn't very much to set up on the WRE54G but what there is could make a difference. I run one with a standard WRT54GS for my Boom outside without a hitch.

Do you get 2 solid blue lights on the WRE all the time? If the signal lock light goes red after it has gone blue, or alternates between the two, the WRE is losing the signal from the WRT so is probably too far away.

Are you running B, G or mixed mode? What is the router running? Both mine are G only.

Is the SSID the same for the WRE and WRT? Mine are.

Is your SSID broadcast enabled? On the router as well. Both mine are.

What channel is it on. Is the router on the same? Mine are both on 11.

Finally, when you connect to the WRE with a browser, what's the screen refresh speed like. I found that if the distance between the two signals is too far, speed decreased considerably.