View Full Version : CLI: favorites playlist load ... ?

2009-05-14, 05:57
Hi guys

I am having trouble LOADING a favorites-folder into my players's playlist.
ADDING a complete folder works fine.

The question in brief:
1. How do I load favorites-folders into the PL?
2. What is the difference betweeen [playlist play] & [playlist load]

Given a simple favorites structure (the xml-id's are noted in ())

(1) Folder_1
(1.0) url_1
(1.1) url_2

I can ADD Folder_1 via: [#Player favorites playlist add item_id:1]
I can LOAD url_1 via: [#Player favorites playlist load item_id:1.0]
I can LOAD url_2 via: [#Player favorites playlist load item_id:1.1]

But I cannot LOAD Folder_1 [#Player favorites playlist load item_id:1]
The above will empty the PL and load url_1 only.

I also tried [#Player favorites playlist play item_id:1]

It works perfectly well for remote stream plugins such as 'picks' or 'local'