View Full Version : Original Squeezebox Wireless issue

2009-05-13, 21:32
I didn't see a forum category on here about the original Squeezebox, so I guess this is the right place...

I've had this thing connected to an 802.11b network, with 128 bit encryption for about 3 years with little problems aside from what seems to be the standard, intermittent losing connection and reboots.

I upgrade to an 802.11g network and it refuses to connect, but only when I connect to an encrypted network. I know it only supports 802.11b and have set the wireless router to only B and still no luck. If I open up the network to no encryption it connects with no problems. Any ideas? Thanks!

2009-05-14, 02:35
The original SqueezeBox only supports WEP encription, I suspect you are turning on WPA as that is normal for G wireless.