View Full Version : Softsqeeuze 0.5.2

Rob Studdert
2004-05-25, 16:06
On 25 May 2004 at 23:47, Richard Titmuss wrote:

> Right, try again! Tonights fixes are:
> - Fixed volume control, this should be _much_ better.
> - Added a new ssh tunnel on port 9001 for web browsing. This is a workaround for
> a bug in the ssh library, and should make the slim server web pages more
> responsive over the tunnelled connection. - Reverted a cosmetic change that
> resulted in high cpu usage and a blurred display on the mac. - Fixed track
> elapsed time, I spotted the error before bedtime :)


I'm not using the SSH facilities but all else is working well under J1.5.0-
beta, I'm outputting directly to an M-Audio Delta DiO S/PDIF card and it sounds
good, levels are also pretty much optimal. Thanks for the great work.