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2004-05-25, 13:41
>>>> "Andrew W.Donoho" <awd (AT) DDG (DOT) com> 05/25/04 04:26PM >>>
>On May 25, 2004, at 06:22, PAUL WILLIAMSON wrote:
>> I've been reading this with some interest. So all I have to do is
>> point
>> my iTunes xml directory to my linux box and I suddenly have iTunes
>> support? I use windows for my desktop (as well as iTunes for my
>> archos and iPod), but I run the slimserver on a linunx server.
>I'm not quite sure what you mean by point your xml directory at a linux
>box to get iTunes support.
>I copy my iTunes directory to the Linux server. Get and build faad2 for
>Linux to decode the music. Install slimserver on linux. edit
>slimserver-convert.conf to support faad2 (check the archives). Then
>slimserver will use the iTunes playlists/data and play unprotected

What I meant was I have a few linux boxen, one of which has samba
enabled. I use iTunes to manage the music and edit/categorize the
mp3 tags and filenames all the time. I presumed that the huge scan
iTunes did initially built some kind of huge xml file that is stored (in the
default location of something like \My Documents\My Music\iTunes\
iTunes Music Library.xml) for reference by iTunes at a later date.
I was thinking all I had to do was copy that file over to my linux server
and then tell iTunes to look there instead of on the local drive, I'd
instantly have the iTunes support without having to run the server on
the windows machine. As long as I told slimserver where to find the iTunes
xml file too.

Never heard of faad2, so I guess I have some reading to do tonight.

Know what I mean?